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Jon/Audi A4 a4 at
Wed Jan 23 11:50:42 EST 2002

Understandable, I wasn't really disagree in that sense.

I just wanted to make clear (for the others that might be reading this) as
to how and why the software key is used the way it is. Further, the
fact that the owner of the company is actually a fellow (VAG) enthuisast,
as well.

About changing laptops...  What I have done, b/c the same thing happens
here with "work laptops" is buy one of the "old" machines and use that for
VAG-COM only. It is an older pentium with windows 95 and about 32mb of
ram.  I think I spent about $100 on the machine.


On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Bob wrote:

> im not seeing where we are disagreeing here :)  I know they have beeen around and I
> know right now its just he and his wife linda. Or are you disagreeing with me that I
> change laptops a lot? ;-)
> Im familiar with the disable function which is great but there were plenty of times
> my laptop broke or got lost and that would not allow me to provide a disable code.
> Uwe has answered a few of my questions promptly and thoroughly so I have no problem
> with them at all, and dont have a doubt they will be around in a year. But without
> an actual company behind him its more likely that one day he an change his mind and
> just stop supporting the software. Nobody knows...and at $200 its not exactly a
> shareware price.
> Bob
> Jon/Audi A4 wrote:
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> > Bob,
> >
> > I would have to disagree with you on a couple points here.  First of all,
> > I agree the licensing issue is a little burdensome if you are always
> > changing laptops, OS's.  However he (the owner Uwe Ross) has built an
> > enable/disable function into the software that will enable him to operate
> > a business.  This function keeps people from sharing their codes over the
> > internet, and it keeps him in business.  Check his "about me" section of
> > his webpage:
> >
> > This software is his work.  They (him and his wife) have recently
> > purchased an 02 A4 so that he can do testing on the latest product
> > (protocols) from VAG.
> >
> > I have owned the software for almost a year now and I find him (Uwe Ross)
> > to be the most responsive "software author" I have ever seen.  Check his
> > postings on this discussion (his) forum:
> >
> >
> >
> > You will see more postings from him, answering questions than anyone else.
> > He is very responsive and controlling with off-topic posts (he just
> > doesn't allow it or them to post).
> >
> > I would be willing to wager more than $200 that Ross-Tech will be around
> > for more than a year.
> >
> > Jon
> >
> > On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Bob wrote:
> >
> > > Ive thought about it, but I dont care for the way they license the software.
> > > Work owns my pc, and it changes a lot, plus i travel a lot and have been known
> > > to lose/break my laptop.. When this happens I have to email them with a new
> > > serial number to get a new activation number. Pretty lame IMO. I upgrade my pc
> > > every month or two and that would get pretty old.  Usually when I buy software
> > > I get a license for life and not have to worry about depending on them every
> > > time I do an install.  especially if I were to spend $200 on it now, and in a
> > > year they're gone and I lose my pc! now what?!
> > >
> > > Bob
> > >

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