One last question... Clutch slave cylinder fluid

amz at amz at
Wed Jan 23 21:34:22 EST 2002

Hey!  My non-Audi mechanic has (knock on wood) almost finished the clutch
job!  I'm told there are a few things to take care of and I get my car back!


1.  The clutch slave cylinder needs to be bled.  Between Bentley (which
isn't crystal clear) and my online research, I'm now totally mixed up and
turned around.  Before he puts any fluid in...  WHAT FLUID GOES WHERE?  I
have about a pint of G 002 000, but I don't just want to hand it over
without being totally sure.

2.  He indicated that one of two small hose connections on the tranny had
turned brittle and crumbled.  According to Bentley, it is one of two diff
actuator hoses.  He said it would be easy to get to later.  Thoughts?
Suggestions?  I'd order the part and have it done now, but I REALLY need my
car back (after almost 2 weeks).

As before, please cc: your reply to my e-mail as I get the digest version of
the Q List.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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