Help the idle on my type 44 has gotten worse.

Brian Devlin bdevlin at
Thu Jan 24 15:38:02 EST 2002

As long as we agree that it's strange. I guess this means the type 44
ISV is normally open while the others (4kq, Jetta 1.8) are normally
closed. Go figure.
>"Intermittent operation of the idle portion of the throttle switch will
>cause some strange high idle conditions ...

Bernard Littau

>  > IME a failed throttle switch will result in idle below the normal
>>  range, but I haven't experienced this problem on a type 44. I can't
>>  think of anything that would raise the idle other than have the
>>  throttle or ISV stuck open, or a failure in the ISV control circuits.
>>  My vote: clean the ISV.
>  > -Brian

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