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Al Powell powellae at
Thu Jan 24 22:19:51 EST 2002

I read on the list:

> If you add a K&N filter (15 hp), a burbly exhaust tip (10 hp), and a two
> foot pylon mounted rear spoiler (another 15 hp), *this* 40 hp increase
> will not improve your acceleration

REEEEALLY?  A burbly exhaust TIP adds 10 hp?  Wowsers!  And a rear spoiler -
not a part of the engine - can add 15 hp to the engine's output? Holy Geez,
I've found the long-fabled "Fountain of Horseypower!"

DAMN, I knew I shoulda been buying out JC Witless's chrome gee-gaw department
 Now I'm sure that a chrome-braided radiator hose cover would be good for at
least 5 hp, and certainly a chrome dipstick would be good for another 5 (less
resistance to oil flow around the stick, don'chaknow).  And it's clear to me
now that a set of chrome blades on the fan should reduce voltage needed to
drive it by at least 50%, giving me probably--lessee here--at least 15 more
hp because the engine doesn't have to drive the alternator as hard.

I bet about a $200 investment in chrome covers and chrome braided hose covers
would shoot my 200's hp up to at least 300!!  Man, don't tell Ned
Ritchie...he's about to be out of biz!

Al Powell
Fort Collins, CO
cougfan1 at

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