200q20v Totaled Update

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at email.msn.com
Fri Jan 25 11:53:16 EST 2002

    Just talked to mum down in NY and she was happy for some odd reason.
After the insurance company looked at the 200q20v and assessed it as a total
loss they decided to set the value of the car at $9340.  The fellow at the
autobody shop said it was worth $4500 tops, which I did not agree with, too
much.  The insurance company has offered $9430, minus the $1000 deductible,
and then $1000 to buy it back.  Also if the car is fixed up then it
shouldn't have a salvaged title.

    So I have struck a deal with mum on this one, since she gave it to me,
then it was promptly totaled and no paperwork has my name on it.  She is
going to get the car back and get a check for $7430, keep $2000 of it to pay
the insurance premiums on both cars, and leave me with a crunched but
perfectly drivable 200q20v and $5430.  Not so bad heh?

    Now I'm not sure what I should do in the end.  I could part the 200q20v,
yank the engine, sell some wanted bits, and then sell the rest of the car to
a yard.  The engine stays, sees some of that money by getting fully rebuilt
and upgraded with RS2 goodies.  Then I start the long procedure of getting a
20v turbo swap ready for the 90q this summer.  The swap would be almost
totally covered by the insurance, parting, and final sale of the rest to a
yard, plus I get a free engine.

    Other option is to take the 200q20v to the autobody shop that did my
car.  I wonder what the estimate will be, no idea, but if I were to get used
parts and have them do most of the bodywork it should be below $5k.  Then I
can start digging into the engine, suspension, and so on with the left over
money.  Then that car would live in NY as a back up car and I'd use it up
here in the winter to save my 90q for a project.

    Opinions?  I sure do like having two cars, but a 90q with a 20v turbo is
mighty tasty!

Alexander van Gerbig
'91 200q20v (Crunched)
'90 90q20v (Sport)
'88 80t (R.I.P)


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