200q20v Totaled Update

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 25 12:38:36 EST 2002

Alexander van Gerbig wrote:
>Then I start the long procedure of getting a
>20v turbo swap ready for the 90q this summer.  The swap would be almost
>totally covered by the insurance, parting, and final sale of the rest to a
>yard, plus I get a free engine.
>Other option is to take the 200q20v to the autobody shop that did my
>car.  I wonder what the estimate will be, no idea, but if I were to get used
>parts and have them do most of the bodywork it should be below $5k.

I'd look at the final results.

Option A gives you a converted 90q -- book value unknown.  If,
given the van Gerbig family history, it meets an untimely end,
you're right back where you started: pulling a 20V engine out
of a dead car, and looking at another project -- if you can get
any money out of the insurance company for the bastard child.

Option B gives you a 200q20v -- of known book value. If it meets
an untimely end, the insurance company can deal with it, and you
can pull the engine for another project. Plus you still have the
90q as a project, just as planned.

I'd go with Option B. Get the Avant fixed and enjoy it while
you diddle with the 90q project.

Kent McLean,
who finds it much easier to help others make decisions :-)

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