Replacing 3B FPR with 7A FPR, possible?

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at
Sat Jan 26 14:56:09 EST 2002

    I was looking around for a higher pressure FPR sometime back to package
with the 3B RS2 engine kit and someone mentioned the 7A is 4bar and would
bolt up.  Can't seem to find that email saved anywhere, but confirmation
would be great.  When I looked at both in NY side by side in the 90q20v and
200q20v they sure looked the same, though the 3B unit has the lower side
port opening towards the block and the 7A has the opening facing towards the
front of the car, though rotating the 7A FPR when in the 3B bracket
shouldn't be very hard as I can tell, looks like a 22 or 24mm nut on top of
the FPR locates it with both, but the 7A also has a bracket on the side that
might need to be trimmed or just ignored on the 3B.  The fitting on the 7A
take a 17mm wrench, no 3B here to look at, anyone?


Alexander van Gerbig
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'90 90q20v (Sport)
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