[200q20v] Discount Convertor?

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Sat Jan 26 20:07:34 EST 2002

Um- because we have annual emissions inspections here and my
mechanic is unwilling to violate Federal law for me. Also, I
don't have the facilities to do it myself. I don't feel like
violating Federal law, no thanks. Not one that carries a very
hefty fine and doesn't look too good on your record, especially
as one aspiring to the bar (no, not the liquor bar).

What happens when I fail emissions? I'd have to put a new convertor
on there at that time anyway.


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How about removing your existing cats, hollowing, and reinstalling?
Best bang for the buck / fitment.

Otherwise there's http://www.discountconverter.com, which may or may not
be the ones advertising in the back of Road and Track, Car and Driver.

'91 200q20v

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