89 100q sedan questions

Andrew Vincitore vincitore8 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 04:48:56 EST 2002

Just made a deal to buy the above car and had some
questions for the list.

1. The headliner is sagging. How can I go about
repairing/replacing it? Can anyone reccomend a shop in
Dutchess Cty N.Y or surrounding area to bring it to?

2. Speedo is essentially inop. I had an 88 that was
mechanical, but understand this is electronic.
Rebuilders? Swap out? (Would like to keep it as it has
a modest mileage recorded on it.)

3. Door locks are not working from door key. Was told
that there is a plastic part in the system that is
jammed/broken in the doors. Ant BTDTs ? 3b. Can an
aftermarket keyless entry system be installed in this

4. Suppossedly the rf speaker (Non-Bose) needs to be
replaced. This can be done from the top of dash,right?
How do I remove cover ?

5.Want to get reccomendations for roofrack system with
box for this car. Prefer to buy used setup.

THanks in advance. Great to be back on list after 2
year absence. Best list on the net. Went to an
american car(boat) but came back to my senses. First
quattro too. (This explains the mild weather of course
:) ) Let it snow!

Andrew Vincitore

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