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Tue Jan 29 11:55:21 EST 2002

    Howdy to all.  Did the court thing and to no avail as of yet.  The
officer testilied, the judge offered me a chance to ask questions, I asked
about radar stuffs and she said they were invalid, so I moved on to my
statement.  I told her I had a brief and she asked what was in the brief.  I
talked about the MUTCD and VT state law adopting it, she refuted immediately
saying the MUTCD is only for the device, not for setting the speed limit.  I
attacked that by diving into it's guidelines for the 85th percentile and
round 5mph up.  She then made the argument that two of the main roads around
here should have much higher speed limits, but that would make them unsafe.
I then countered with the study by Univ. Nebraska that should setting the
limit 5mph lower than the 85th percentile and she had no response, just
shrugged with a scary large toothy grin.  At least I got that point across
to her, in other cases I watched her play with her bracelets while
defendants testified.  The officer couldn't say anything about the limits,
laws, or even how the radar works, real bright guy.  I wish they allowed IQ
tests as evidence in traffic court:)

    In the end of it the judge mentioned she was impressed and the town now
has 2 weeks to respond to the brief.  The slovenly, underwear hanging out
cop immediately said, "Do we have to respond at all?"  The judge said no
it's not required.  So obviously the cop doesn't feel my argument has any
merit based on the judge's responses to my statements.  Though there were
several instances when the judge had no response to my claims, makes me a
feel a little better.  Though I have a feeling I will lose this round and
have to appeal to get a real court, though the judge seemed rather fair and
willing to actually read the brief.  Who knows, but again I have to wait to
find out.

I'll let y'all know then!

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