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Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at weyerhaeuser.com
Tue Jan 29 10:55:36 EST 2002

There should be a small (2mm?) allen set-screw on the front of the mirror
base where it attaches to the window.  Remove it and the ?foot? should slide
out.  You can then glue that on and, when it is dry, re-install the mirror.

Chris Perry

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I have a very minor problem with my 90Q. My designated driver on Friday
night attempted to adjust my mirror and pulled it off the windshield. It's
an irritation, but much less so that a DYI charge. Anyway, when I tried to
re-glue the mirror it would not stay up. The weight is too much for the
adhesive even after holding it in place for several minutes (with minor
movement). Usually there is a button that attaches first and the mirror is
then connected after the glue has cured. I can't see how the button can be
removed from the mirror base and I'm reluctant to use brute force. Does
anyone know how to get the blasted thing apart?

Thanks for any help.

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