plastic or metal, who has a 1990 100q?

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Tue Jan 29 19:58:55 EST 2002

You need the seal and banjo bolt appropriate for the hose.  If the hose has
the O-ring grooves, you need the corresponding banjo bolt and O-rings.  But
it's possible to use the non-grooved hose with crush washers IF you have
the correct banjo bolt for THAT hose.  The flats machined into the pump
will accept either seal.

At 12:19 PM 01/29/2002 -0800, Dupree, Jim wrote:

>I am pretty sure the change also included changes to the hose fittings and
>the banjo bolts. So if it is equipped with o-rings you have to use o-rings,
>you can't get away with the crush washers. The hose fittings and banjo bolts
>should have a grooves to hold the o-rings.
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> > I just took the p/s pump off my car.  I was under the
> > impression that the banjo bolts had a metal washer as
> > a seal.  They are all rubber o-rings.  I few things I
> > would like to know is if this setup is correct, or did
> > someone a while back go cheap.  thanks
>According to ETKA, they changed at 44-J-220001 in early 1988.
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