Blau sport cam + adj cam sprocket - 10VT

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Wed Jan 30 18:31:29 EST 2002

At 12:28 30/01/2002 -0500, David Conner wrote:
> >>Anybody want to buy a very slightly used BlauSport cam for a 10 valve
> >>turbo?  Retail is $259 ... I might be convinced to sell :-)
> >
>Mihnea Cotet asks ...:
> >That would be interesting but what about the shipping costs to Belgium???
> >Do you think the cam would work on an NA engine?
>I don't know about the performance in a NA engine.
>I've heard that an MC cam in a NA engine may provide a performance

Heh, I have an Euro NA engine that has about the same cam as an MC least about the same duration (about 221° intake duration)..and
I'd like to have a real performance cam, not the old turbo cam trick that
doesn't work on euro cars :-)))


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