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Thu Jan 31 12:39:05 EST 2002

Man, some of you guys have a lot of energy, are you aware that there is a 20v motor avaiable, a great step up from the 10v, especially before casting a new 25v head?


> Hi all,
> Interesting thread on the 25v engine.  Extreme Machines on TLC did a spot on
> an telecommunications engineer who reverse-engineered (from photographs) a
> Ferrari 312PB in scale so it could "fit on a dining room table".  The
> basics: it took him 3 years to reduce the photographs to scale drawings, and
> 12 years in total to make the car.  It has a working flat 12 cylinder, 24
> valve dry sump engine with 5 forward speeds and 1 reverse. (If anybody is
> interested I can forward it to you).
> The car's complete.....I wonder if he'd be up to the task of taking the
> photos from Jens web site and making a cylinder head in 1:1 scale....
> Another thought (along the lost-wax casting idea) - could rapid prototyping
> produce the blank for a casting?
> Man, I've got to focus on fixing broke things on my car rather than lining
> up new projects.....
> Cheers!
> Steve Sears
> 1987 5kTQ - replacing alt. bearings this weekend
> 1980 5k - buried in the snow
> 1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes - found a source for cheap CV
> boots this week........Fiats!!!?!
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