Goodbye CIS-III, the Haltech IG5 is in!

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Mon Jul 1 16:07:55 EDT 2002

--- Marc Swanson <mswanson at> wrote:
> > So here's how it went down, I came to a point
> where I
> > was just sick of trying work with what I have.
> The
> > CIS-III ignition worked great with my MC motor.
> When
> > I put in the MC-2 with higher compression, and a
> > shaved head, it was just to picky.  So I looked at
> all
> > the stuff out there, and for $415 from Force-EFI,
> the
> > Haltech IG-5 sounded like the way to go.  The only
> > thing that made me consilder something like a
> Linkplus
> > was that the Haltech will not direct fire a five
> > cylinder.  The lack of knock sensing is not a big
> deal
> > to me since my motor seems to set it off anyways
> above
> > 4500 rpms.  The IG5 also has four outputs that you
> can
> > use for stuff like wastegate boost control,
> > intercooler fans, radiator fans, turbo timers, and
> > some other stuff.
> not bad.. but I think I'd want coil outputs for that
> money.

I hear you, but the closest thing I could find is the
Link ECU at ~$800 and that will do individual coils on
a five cyl.

> I can
> understand the lack of knock sensing sense racers
> are more likely to
> tune things so that knock should never happen.  a
> visible output like
> the saab setup sounds pretty cool..  Could you
> describe that setup a bit
> more as I may be interested in more informative
> knock output....

You need the APC ECU, a knock sensor and an LED.  The
ECU can be hooked up to flash an LED when it detects
knock.  It works pretty good, and will flash before I
can hear the knock.

> I have yet to see how my CIS 3 ignition will perform
> as the car is 2
> states away right now and I haven't had a chance to
> get much seat time
> in it to tune it up and take it for some hard runs.

Try it out, but I have a you'll want to put the MC
ignition back.  Hopefully you still have your flywheel
with the timing pins?  I should have said that I would
have tried a MAC-11 if it didn't involve putting a pin
in the flywheel.

Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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