Fw: timing?

Brandon Adams quattrorunner at lvcm.com
Mon Jul 1 21:56:35 EDT 2002

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Subject: Re: timing?

Javad, timing was on,  fuel is now working (was dirty system before) keep i=
n mind that this engine was from a car w/engine fire. Is there anything you=
 or any others can think of that may be wrong? I've already established tha=
t the ISV line through the Intake manifold has been ruptured, I pluged the =
hole before the throttle body and capped off the other end also.
    For those who are new to this problem, My car is an 88 90q w/MC engine =
using the NG systems (fuel and ignition) the car is running as though it ha=
s ignition issues but it is timed and gets fuel. It won't run under 1000rpm=
s and needs assistance all the time or will stall. It pops in the intake bo=
ot (airflow meter) while keeping a constant rpm. The Air fuel ratio is real=
 lean and it gets hot right away. I do see a lot of hot smoke in the ingine=
 compartment after a minute, I figured it was from an oil leak I had before=
 and it still could be I guess but wonder if maybe the cat is melted or som=
ething as I was putting lots of fuel into the exaust before. It smells like=
 exaust too. I have a flexable patch between the downpipe and the cat for n=
ow till the car runs. The car will not start w/out starting fluid.
Can someone help with this? Thanks, Brandon
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  Subject: Re: timing?

  Brandon, you have two timing settings 1) engine timing (Flywheel mark lin=
ed up in transmission, and dot lined up on cam. and 2)  ignition timing, wh=
ere an initial advance is set, in your case, about 10 degrees before TDC.

  It doesn't seem like you have a good grip on these two settings, and I'd =
bet all your problems are stemming from improper engine AND ignition timing=
.  Without the utmost accuracy in the settings, you are wasting your time. =
 You really need to get these fundamental setting right before you progress=
 any further.


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ner at lvcm.com writes:

    I agree, I just didn't know that there was a differance with the pully =
dot and the flywheel. I'll look again tomorrow. Will the timing fix the lea=
n condition? Or do I have two issues? Brandon


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