Stereo questions

TM t44tq at
Tue Jul 2 13:45:23 EDT 2002

With all of the listers out there, I'm sure some of you have
installed a serious stereo in your cars, no?

I'd like to know what you all have done in terms subwoofers.

I'm looking at getting a dual voice coil 10" sub in a sealed
enclosure, each coil being fed 160W and have only to select the
sub and the installer.

One shop is recommending a JL 10W3, sounds like a decent selection
to me, w/ custom enclosure will run me about $375.

Any thoughts on this? I'm going w/ a 10" due to space limitations
and the fact that I don't want the sub to take up too much trunk space.
Will probably mount the sub between the gas tank and the rear deck,
up against the rear seat bulkhead. I just haven't figured out how to
mount it just yet.


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