Oil Temps?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Jul 3 16:53:17 EDT 2002

> >The coupe settles at 130 when run in third at red line, the 90 will
> >creep up on long highway drives.
> >
> >the 5kt would go to 150C and settle there when the turbo was glowing.
> >>Nice information to have... the sender goes in the bottom of the oil
> >pump, btw.
> Huw,
> did your early 5KT have an oil cooler?  Assume the CGT doesn't?

correct in both cases.

> My temp
> number was low I thought, about 70C at 85F ambient (steady 80MPH.)

Yeah, that is too cool to boil the oil dry of condensation, and also
cooler than the coolant should be!

You might try double checking that reading with another thermometer, of
course, but maybe your sender, gauge or power/ground for same (possibly)
are not working right?

> I got
> the locale for the sender no problem, most important to reinstall the
> plug,spring, and valve in the correct order, DOH!

hehe, it is even harder if you try to install two springs!

Huw Powell



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