alternative oil pressure sender for $30?

Huw Powell human747 at
Sat Jul 6 07:58:20 EDT 2002

> I know I'm posting up a small storm again, but I just found that Autotech goes so far as to call the sender
> an 80psi/5bar with warning light.  Very interesting.

I'll answer in more depth when I've had some sleep.

two little things

there are three "senders":

low pressure (0.8?), matters at low rpm for warning
high pressure (?), matters over 3k rpm for warning
and the 5 bar one, for the gauge - this is variable resistance, the
other two are switches

2. Important.  do not disable that bulb... your alternator field wire is
energised through it.  More when I'm of clear enough mind to understand
it well enough to explain it...

Huw Powell

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