Idler Pulley for TB

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Jul 7 18:29:21 EDT 2002

In the ongoing saga of my introduction to timing belt/water pump/idler
pulley replacement in a 4Kq, I succeeded in removing the @#$%^&*  idler
pulley today by making up a little puller from the 3198 puller I bought to
work on the V8.  The 3198 center "power" bolt is the same size as the
internal threads on the idler pulley (Note:  I didn't realize the pulley
had INTERNAL threads in the hole its retaining bolt passes through, partly
because the new pulley had a label over the outside hole and I never
unpackaged it completely enough to expose those threads.  I only saw the
smaller hole for the bolt in the inner side of the pulley assembly).  So I
used the V8 puller with an extension made from a piece of 1/4" steel plate
just an inch wide I had lying around that I drilled a couple holes in
for  attaching to the V8 puller and then a couple more farther apart for
some bolts that I put fender washers on to grab the idler pulley on the
back side.  I put the idler pulley's retaining bolt in place loose and used
my rigged-up puller to start the idler coming loose by pressing on the
retaining bolt with the puller's center drive bolt.  It would have been a
lot easier to thread the center bolt into the inner threads of the idler
pulley and use the extended rig with some bolts to push against the
block.  That idler sure was on tight, though.  I deformed the outer rim of
the pulley pulling it off.  The first 1/4 inch or so of the mounting
surface was all corroded.

That brings me to my questions:

When I reassemble (first I'm going to "dress up" the rusty TB covers that
currently are devoid of virtually any paint.  Hmmmmm should I paint it
Yeller????), should I apply any sort of antiseize to the mating surfaces
where the idler pulley goes into the block?

In one of the things I read in researching this project, there was mention
of applying "Locktite 573" to the bolts that hold the inner and lower cover
plates in place to serve as a thread sealant (not a thread locker) for
preventing oil leaks.  I found a LocTite thread sealer that the bottle says
is for sealing threads on hydraulic systems, but its number was something
like 545 and it was about $28 for maybe 3-4 oz.  So instead, I got a
Permatex thread sealer with teflon in a small tube for about $3.50.  Will
this stuff do the  job?

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