ccohen5 ccohen5 at compuserve.com
Sun Jul 7 21:24:18 EDT 2002

When that happened to me I hired a limo company that arrived at his house at
3 am for three days running a left a boom box on his front door announcing
that Mr. ... was lousy sob and philanderer and generally denouncing him very
loudly all over the neighborhood.

Cost me $200 but I got an email on the third day telling me the money was
being returned.  And it was!

Just 2 c and $200.

Dirty rotten scoundrels.  I know someone who sent a credit identity thief a
free ticket to FL in the middle of winter, complete with limo ride.  The he
hired the limo, and picked the guy up himself for the ride to the airport.
Took him to a deserted warehouse on a weekend and locked him in a store room
there.  Don't know what happened to him and neither does the guy who did it.

Messy world.


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