Kenwood Stereo in 5KCS problem

Ameer Antar antar at
Mon Jul 8 19:58:03 EDT 2002

OK, I thought the amps were running off of the antenna long as they're
used to turn on the amps, not power 'em, there shouldn't be a problem, unless as
you said there is a different grounding method between the Kenwood and amps.
There are floating ground adapters that may help solve this one, at R.S. and
others like Crutchfield. You can avoid all this by getting the Bose amps out of the
loop, and using the Kenwood's amp or another outboard amp to supply the
speakers. A lot of the new ones come w/ line-level crossover filters built-in, so you
can even bi-amp the speakers for an even more pro sound. I think you can get a
much better sound than those Bose amps, but you'll need some more cash. of
course i can understand the originality factor, but for me and car audio there's no
point in keeping original. anyways good luck.


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>>50mA is not even close to what is needed for an amplifier. Believe me, no
>>antenna lead is gonna run an amplifier, well maybe a 1/2W headphone amp!
>Are we talking about driving an amplifier from the antenna lead or are we
>talking about switching on an amplifier's turn-on circuit from the antenna
>Clearly the amplifier needs more current than the antenna lead can supply,
>but the antenna might supply enough current to activate the amplifier's
>turn-on circuit. I always just run a wire for turn-on from the head unit to
>the amplifier.
>Eric Kissell

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