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<< several proficient students and some who are working on basis skills.  It
 our job to help students regardless of their ability level and we strive to
 have everyone improve their own driving skills.

 Just like driving on the open road, hold-ups are frustrating but sometimes
 part of the "experience".  Please consider that your ability may be far
 beyond some other drivers attending, but until the club can assess each
 driver's skills to place them in different run groups (by ability or vehicle
 performance) each "session" may have to be cut short for many different
 reasons - some beyond our control.

 The 85MPH speed limit for the front straightaway is completely reasonable. I
 backed off at the start/finish line @ ~ 90MPH just because I didn't see the
 need to press the car further into the braking box to "enhance" the track
 driving experience.

 While having a "limit" placed upon the participant may seem bogus to some,
 wait until you've experienced (as a passenger/instructor) the white knuckle
 ride of an uncontrolled spin or going off the track and then the limit seems
 warranted.  Remember, no dents, no wrecks and safety is first priority here.

 Please also consider that the Club granted all students and instructors the
 opportunity to drive the Lime Rock park Track in (your own vehicle(s)) for a
 fraction of the cost of other "driving" schools where usually there is no
 "track time" just field exercises.

 -Scott Downs instructor and speaking solely on my own.

Having run both BMW and Quattro Club events, I have to say that the Audi club
does a wonderful job of cramming as many cars as possible into one run group.
 I've had much more luck running with the BMW clubs, with whom a) my old audi
is more equally matched with speed (although this may have changed with more
S4's coming to the track, but GOD those A4's are slow.) and b) charge me the
same for more run time with less cars on track, professional instructors
(same to be said for the audi club) and professional SCCA flaggers.  I'll
take the BMW club for now..although my heart yearns to run the GT in a
quattro event once again - soon?

Carter J
Kwattro at aol.com

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