vw hate mail ????

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Tue Jul 9 14:17:44 EDT 2002

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I don't know if it's just me but I hate VW and I don't consider myself and
the audi's I own as cousins to the VW marqee

       First off, this is the most idiotic and stupid way to use this forum.
Why would you have to go and say something like that. VW, Audi, Porsche,
Seat, and SKODA. They are ALL products of VW family. They are all the same.
Yes the Audi has a refined persuance of  Luxury and refinement, But all in
all a 2wd Audi is only identical as a VW anyway in both performance and
handling. The Quattro stature is statuesque if at best. I own 3 quattros
myself; 2 of which I race. I also own 2 Porsche 911's 1 86' Turbo and the
other an 83' SC Targa. Porsche is better than any Audi any day of the week
and is superior in class and performance. I own a couple of VWs. Now, VW's
are what you call an performance entry on a budget. A VW can be modified to
be as fast if not faster than an S6. It's been done and there are many of
them out there that will prove that point.  They all are the same and common
in each and every way with it's own points and singularities.
       So don't hate and just appreciate the atleast we're not Japanese, Now
that is a whole other story in itself.

86 911 Turbo
83 911 SC
2 - 86 5000 TQ sedan KKK Touring track set up
84' 4000 S Quattro project
84 Jetta GL coupe project
2- 88 16V Sciroccos
00 Hummer Wagon Black



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