5kcstq coil spring rust, powder coating?

Joshua Van Tol josh at spiny.com
Wed Jul 10 08:35:22 EDT 2002

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>  it will only postpone, dont know why but h+r is the only ones that
>paints there springs good, you could wash and wax em for years and
>they still look new !! my intrax were a pretty purple, now about a
>year later they are a ugly rust color !!! if your concerned with
>anything more than looks, do not worry, the springs will never rust
>through, well not while you own the car anyway !!

One of the stock springs in my 87 5kcstq got a deep enough rust pit
to cause the spring to break. Fortunately, it was near the end,
rather than in the middle. I've since replaced them with H&R's.

Joshua Van Tol -- josh at spiny.com

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