Who Yields?

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> I think I can answer this, as I grew up outside Boston MA,
> went to school and lived in the city. If the oncoming car
> a) is bigger than your car, b) is more beat up than your car,
> or c) is a police car, you yield to it.  Otherwise, assert yourself
> and claim your right of way by flooring it through the turn. [1]
> This may not apply to traffic outside of the Boston and Rte. 128
> area.  When I moved to NH, I was amazed at how timid other
> drivers were around rotaries/circles.
> HTH,
> Kent
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"
> [1] Said tongue in cheek, folks.

Ya wanna have some fun Kent?  Go to California and drive around or better yet
Seattle...  You'll feel like some kind of twisted speed freak menace in about
5 minutes.  I don't know how people drinking that much coffee can drive soooo

of course, if you really wanna have some fun, go to Vegas and rent something
fast and head off into the desert...


ex- Boston, Chicago, NYC, current Philly driver

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