Subject: Re: S4 owners help

Darrell Adams adamsdr at
Thu Jul 11 09:06:01 EDT 2002

I also get the digest, you get all the messages, just a little slower.
I also post to several mailing lists, often getting NO reply to a question
I really want input on.  You just have to ask something that sparks
interest in someone else that they feel they have something to add.  I get
pretty frustrated not asking the right things, so I usually just lurk.

I don't know your car, nor the S4, but in my experience with chipped cars,
the chip pushes the car for as much power as much as possible, while a
stock car is designed to be smooth, and appeal to a wide variety of people.
All the chipped cars I've owned and driven, feel like they have a 'punch'
that stock cars don't. The exception may be some 16V vw's.  (oh no! I said

also, even if they're not EXACTLY the same car, they're closer than if it
was comparing to a coup or a engine transplant car. sheesh.

D (maybe I just get too wordy in posts) Adams

'89 90Q
'90 G60 (oh no! I have a vw! I'm going to get kicked off the quattro
'99 A4TQ

"Linux will set you free" - me

  Eric, listers

  Looks like Eric is the only one with some advice for
 While I thank him I all ready looked at SJM's site it
is very informative but I own a 90 200tqa not 91 and I
have a wagon not a sedan so the comparisons weren't of
any use to me I still found it interesting,
  I said that my car a 90 200tqa with IA stageII chip
and 2.0 bar is getting around 225HP and the S4 has
227HP stock I'm just a little shocked that my car
feels faster than the S4.
 Maybe I should post something on the S4 site since
I've only gotten 1 response I was hoping for a lot
more cause I'd like some info on this model and the
 I'm not sure this matters but I'm on the digest not
the main list
 do I get all the mails that everyone else gets?

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