'98 A6 towed AGAIN

David C Kumpf dkumpf at optimetra.com
Thu Jul 11 10:26:39 EDT 2002

Well, just loaded my '98 A6Q on a tow truck AGAIN yesterday. This is now
the fourth time in the less than two years and 25k miles that I have
owned the car.

1. Wouldn't restart after being backed out into driveway. Dealer
replaced several ignition bits.
2. Blew a water pump on the freeway. Dealer replaced water pump and did
the timing belt because they were already in there.
3. Tension roller broke, causing timing jump, on a major thoroughfare.
Dealer rebuilt heads etc.
4. Quit running on freeway yesterday. Suspected battery, towed to
battery vendor, battery and charging system check out. Next tow to
dealer, waiting for diagnosis.

Those don't count the other times that the car has been in for regular
service, recalls, and other minor repairs. Most of this has been covered
under the Audi Assured warranty, which is nice...but the car has been in
the shop for almost 3 months over the time that I have owned it. Heck, I
have an '89 200Q with 232k miles, and it hasn't been this much trouble.

Despite my preferences for German cars and Audis, I'm starting to think
Camry. Talk me down off the cliff...

Sorry for the rant. Thanks,

Dave Kumpf
dkumpf at optimetra.com

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