EFI- Can you use the hall effect sensor from an S4??????

Ken auditude at get.net
Thu Jul 11 13:20:52 EDT 2002

I don't think it would be the right signal, since I "think" the 034EFI needs a 5 window output.  The S4 cam position sensor is I "think" a single window output, like a MAC11/MAC14.

But perhaps the S4 hall sensor could be used with some custom work to make it a 5 window?

But I myself would like to know where I can get a reasonably priced cam position sensor for an S4.  I suppose I'd even be interested in a used one in good condition.

There are two types, right?  One that initially came with the '92, which was where the distributor is, and another that was at the cam gear that came on all subsequent AAN's?

While I'm asking, how about a 3B distributor, or a 7A one?  Anything?!  :-)



Jason type44_5k at yahoo.com wrote:
> Just curious, I know that there is a hall sensor for
> the 034 efi that the MC ignition cars need to use to
> work right.  It looks kinda bulky, and can't be hidden
> well.  What about the hall effect sensor from a 92 S4
> (p/n 0 232 101 020)?  I reckon you might be able to
> hide it in the timing bel cover.  I haven't had the
> chance yet to look at it closely yet.  I mean, would
> it even be able to send the correct signal to the o34
> ecu?  Just throwin things out there:)
> Jason
> 4ktq- in tons of pieces
> (more like waiting for Jason to come up with some cash)

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