EFI- Can you use the hall effect sensor from an S4??????

Jason type44_5k at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 11 13:32:26 EDT 2002

Hmm, methinks the sensor i am talking about mounts by
the valve cover on the AAN.  I guess I am looking for
options from the parts bin that might make it look
more inconspicous.  How is the project coming along


--- Ken <auditude at get.net> wrote:
> I don't think it would be the right signal, since I
> "think" the 034EFI needs a 5 window output.  The S4
> cam position sensor is I "think" a single window
> output, like a MAC11/MAC14.
> But perhaps the S4 hall sensor could be used with
> some custom work to make it a 5 window?
> But I myself would like to know where I can get a
> reasonably priced cam position sensor for an S4.  I
> suppose I'd even be interested in a used one in good
> condition.
> There are two types, right?  One that initially came
> with the '92, which was where the distributor is,
> and another that was at the cam gear that came on
> all subsequent AAN's?
> While I'm asking, how about a 3B distributor, or a
> 7A one?  Anything?!  :-)
> Thanks,
> Ken
> Jason type44_5k at yahoo.com wrote:
> >
> > Just curious, I know that there is a hall sensor
> for
> > the 034 efi that the MC ignition cars need to use
> to
> > work right.  It looks kinda bulky, and can't be
> hidden
> > well.  What about the hall effect sensor from a 92
> S4
> > (p/n 0 232 101 020)?  I reckon you might be able
> to
> > hide it in the timing bel cover.  I haven't had
> the
> > chance yet to look at it closely yet.  I mean,
> would
> > it even be able to send the correct signal to the
> o34
> > ecu?  Just throwin things out there:)
> >
> > Jason
> > 4ktq- in tons of pieces
> > (more like waiting for Jason to come up with some
> cash)

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