Was S4 owners help, now S4 vs Chipped 1990 200 tqa

Lewis, Gary M gary.m.lewis2 at boeing.com
Thu Jul 11 15:19:18 EDT 2002

Absolutely agree Tim.  A modded 200 tq (like mine or Scott's) are a bit
faster in the 0-60 range, but the stock S4 begins to reel me in around the
middle of 3rd gear.  I think it is the S4's overboost condition that allow
2.1 bar or so that creates the additional speed.

I don't completely agree that just a chip gets the S4 to *much* quicker.
Referencing SJM's website again, a Hoppen modd'd S4 was pulling 14.0's, as
opposed to Scott's 14.75.  Yes, it is quicker, but to get that 3,800 lb car
into the *much* category, I think you are gonna need the EM and the RS2
turbo, along with a 3.0+ bar transducer, which I think puts you into the
low-mid 300's hp wise.  That does net you much faster, probably mid-13's...

Don't get me wrong, when $$$$ permit, I'm going to buy a 1995.5 S6Avant, and
do the em, turbo, etc.  I'm convinced the S4 is a far better performance
package, even considering the extra 400lbs, than the 10V CIS cars, unless
one is willing to do an EFI conversion (I'm not sure I am yet, until it is
plug and play).

In other words, I envy you your stock S4...

Gary Lewis
1990 200TQW, 1991 TQ Intercooler, 1.8 bar, Bypass Valve

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> I recently spent a day at the track with my stock 94 S4,
> running with a
> buddy and his SJM chipped 200 MC2 K24 car.  He and I were
> dead even most
> of the time.  He would gain some distance coming out of slow corners,
> and I would reel him back in during the faster corners.  But,
> down the
> long back stretch, @ 1/2 mile straight, he and I were dead even.
>    However, keep in mind this was my bone stock UrS4.  If I
> was running
> even a stage 1 chip, the UrS would be much quicker.  The UrS's don't
> betray their speed nearly as much as the type 44 car though.  My 87
> 5kcstq mit Shrapnel knob set to 2.0 bar will just about snap
> your neck,
> but still won't be truly as fast as a modded S4.
> HTH,
> Tim Sexton
> 94 S4
> 87 5kcstq
> 86 4kcsq
> >I have a 1990 200 tqa, runs 1.8-1.9 bar (chip was designed
> by some factory
> >guys in the early 1990's, don't have details), 1991
> Intercooler (I did a
> >full factory mod, very nice), and a bypass valve (which I
> don't like with
> >the K24.  Too much pressure drop between shifts).  My wagon
> is quite a bit
> >faster from 0-60ish (wasn't watching the speedo, but street
> speeds), esp off
> >the line than a stock S4.  It is also faster than a stock
> 1991 200 tqa.   I
> >think it is the weight difference in both cases.  I'd guess the S4's
> >overboost condition allows it to start pulling more or less
> even with the
> >chipped 1990 tqa from 3rd gear to 4th.
> >
> >Another data point is Scott Mockry's site, he's got his car
> (similar to
> >mine), the 1991 200 tq, and the S4 performance data comparo's...
> >
> >Gary Lewis
> >1990 200TQW, 1991 TQ Intercooler, 1.8 bar, Bypass Valve,
> Bilsteins, Euro's,
> >awaiting the RS2 turbo transplant...
> >
> >
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