Help needed with sway bar bush P/N for 4kq

Timofej H. Crift timofej.crift at
Mon Jul 15 12:51:40 EDT 2002

I do not know if this has been resolved for everyone, but I just got these
from the dealer for my '84CGT and the part number for the bushing with the
flat surface on one side is 857 411 327 and available for $5.93ea. list.


Tim Crift

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I have the same problem with the 84cgt... The bushings you speak of
appear to be NLA? I sure cant find them.. I have a P# of 855 411 327 and
a 22mm bar..


Jim Haseltine wrote:
> I think you need 857 411 327, although 811 411 327 B is listed for the 80q
> (thought this was the same as the 4k?), Coupe quattro and post 85 Ur-q.
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>>Hi folks,
>>Went to replace the sway bar bushes that are in the clamps holding the bar
> to the subframe.  The bushes that came in the Blau kit are not the same as
> the ones on the car.  The Blau bushes don't have the flat section that
>>against the flat mounting surface on the subframe.  Instead of the flat
>>mating surface, these have a curved section that looks to fit into a
> recessed surface.
>>P/N for the bushes supplied by Blau is 811 411 327B

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