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So, what you're saying is that I can put these inserts in the cyl head, add
EFI injectors (which type/source) coming from a fuel rail. Am I right?

Also, would it work in a NF head?



>From: "Michael Gough"
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>Subject: Re: CIS to EFI
>Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:56:50 -0700
> > My question is what's the
> > best place to get 'em and how much do they cost?
>Get them from your local Vee Dub dealer, say you want 5 inserts for a
>Digifant Jetta or Golf from 90 or so. They cost me about 3 bucks, Nate
>Stuart got ripped off and paid like 5 bucks each :)
> > Also another important one is,
> > will it fit into a KH intake manifold? Thanks again.
>No they wont go into the KH manifold, but they'll go into the head :) The
>injectors in these motors are in the head, not the manifold. Simply unscrew
>your CIS inserts, and install the EFI ones. It's that simple.

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