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Mon Jul 15 16:11:48 EDT 2002

passat TS said:
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> Mike,
> So, what you're saying is that I can put these inserts in the cyl head,
> add EFI injectors (which type/source) coming from a fuel rail. Am I
> right?

Yes thats correct, the injectors that are a direct fit for the head
inserts are a very common Bosch design, and there are many different
applications you can get them from. Mine for example came off of a Ford
Thunderbird Supercoupe, and I paid a whopping $5 each for them :).

The fuel rail you have to make yourself, or get one custom made, Marc
Swanson still has some he made up I believe.

You can see the rail I made for mine here:
about half way down. Click any of the pics and it'll open a seperate image
navigator for you.

> Also, would it work in a NF head?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the injectors in the NF still are inserted
into the head, unlike the NG where they were inserted into the intake
manifold. So, yes, the inserts should work out fine.

'89 90tq

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