Audi Caravan

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Mon Jul 15 13:56:08 EDT 2002

> The fourth rudely began to tailgate me and flash
> his lights until I reluctantly acquiesced my coveted left lane and let
> him pass.
Why were you cruising in the left lane? If they passed you on the right, you
obviously weren't trying to pass someone, which means you were being a
typical left lane driver. There is nothing I (and a lot of people on this
list) despise more than people that cruise in the left lane.

> 1)  Whoever was driving car #4 owes me an apology.  Confess your sin and
> it will be forgiven you.
I'd say YOU owe HIM an apology!

> 2)  Why are 6 Audis cruising at 100mph in tight formation across the
> Midwest in the middle of the night?
Probably factory cars. A few nights ago I was cruising in the right lane,
and a caravan of 5 Toyota spiders passed me doing about 100, all with no
plates, and Toyota plate frames.
If you're being passed on the right hand side, move over a lane, Dummy!

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