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I agree with Marc.  Lets just say that ocassionally I go 20+ mph over traffic, and the last thing I'd want to for someone to move to the right lane right in front of me as I attempt to pass them on the left.  It happens to me all the time.  If someone is coming up on you with a 20mph speed increse, STAY WHERE YOU ARE unless you're looking to get rear ended.

Generally speaking, I don't cruise in the fast lane, and that is what bugs me... but if I'm going 110 and coming up on a car going 75, I don't expect them to move over, I go around them, if they can even see me.  If the Audi that flashed you was at fault, it was for expecting you to move over in the heat of the moment, he should have just gone around you.  Race track rules should have applied there.

Bottom line:  Don't cruise in the fast lane, and if someone is gaining on you rapidly, stay put.


In a message dated Mon, 15 Jul 2002 2:41:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, Marc Swanson <mswanson at> writes:

>> If you are in the left lane and don't move over for a
>> faster car, you are impeding traffic and you are in the wrong.
>> You don't own the road, you only rent it. Very little irritates me more than
>> people who dawdle in the left lane and refuse to move over. If 80 mph is
>> 'your safe zone' for speeding you can do it in the right lane just as easy
>> and move to the left when it comes time to pass... Instead you feel its your
>> right to impose it on other people. If you are in a state with a law against
>> passing on the right (most), you have just made the other guy either break
>> another traffic law or hold himself to your standards of what is the correct
>> speed on the highway.
>While I mostly agree with you, some tolerance needs to be given for
>situations where say, traffic in the left lane is moving at 60 on a
>65mph 2 lanes each direction road and you move over to pass at say 75.
>As you are passing say 2 or 3 cars doing 60 some traffic flies up at
>well over 75... say 95 or 100.  Is the guy passing on the left at 75 in
>the wrong for staying in the left lane long enough to execute his pass
>and then move over?  I certainly agree that everyone should make use of
>their rear view mirror and exercise common courtesy when
>travelling/passing in the left lane but you shouldn't expect everybody
>to floor it and complete their pass to get out of your way 5 seconds
>faster than otherwise....
>my $0.02
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