Flywheel timing pins and sensor was: Help!!! 5KCSQ wont start over after clutch

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Tue Jul 16 14:41:48 EDT 2002

I seem to recall that there's no way to put the flywheel on "rotated one
bolt off" its proper orientation.  But you could have disturbed the sensor
or wiring???

At 05:07 PM 07/16/2002 +0000, Adam Jansen wrote:

>OK after feedback from several listers I am thinking that the car not
>starting may have something to do with the timing pins and sensor.
>I am pretty sure the flywheel went back on with the same orientation but
>what would happen if it was rotated one bolt hole in either direction?
>Would that cause the car to not fire at the correct time (or are the pins
>evenly spaced regardless of flywheel orientation)?  How do I check this?
>And for the sensor, how can I check to see if it is "adjusted" correctly?
>Any way of checking to make sure it is picking up the signal?

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