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Tue Jul 16 18:05:39 EDT 2002

The only place where I have found this to be true would be Indiana.  They
are very courteous folk.  Maybe they have a tough Driver's Ed program. It
was great driving there back in college at Ball State.

 Unfortunately, I live in Illinois now and this isn't the case.  Even in
Wisconsin, drivers are @#$# holes.  I am going on vacation out to Montana in
my A6 avant.  Will see if some of the other states pass on left.

Worst of all is when you go see a rock concert in Indiana.  Everbody just
sits there.  I remember seeing Iron Maiden -it was pathetic.  In Chicago,
now that's the place to see a concert. :-o

Steve Kramer
1990 V8q

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> > I'm not
> > sure what the rules are for NH's highways
> "horses left, cows right" ought to sum it up I think.
> > There are too many brain dead drivers who get into the left (passing)
> > lane, set their cruise control for 5-10 over the speed limit, and don't
> > move until they get to their exit.  And it is usually 100 feet (30m)
> > before their exit that they decide to cut across three lanes to get to
> > the exit.
> There aren't too many - just me - but I do it so often, it creates the
> sense of a trend...
> --
> Huw Powell

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