Coupe GT FS: Toronto/Hamilton Canada

Dave Hord spokes at
Wed Jul 17 11:11:39 EDT 2002

Hello All,

Been a while since I could sift through the archives...WOW, remind me to keep
in the right lane around here ;-)

I am passing on a Coupe GT that I had found in the Greater Toronto area.

It took so long to find a coupe GT, that I eventually just put the 1975 VW
Beetle back on the road.

Unfortunetly, I have no-where to store four I have to pass (again) on
one of my 'cars before I die' list.

Car: 1984 Coupe GT - Early Build, 4 headlights...4x100 wheels, 2.2L engine.

Good points:

a) it's a coupe GT
b) The body work has been mostly done...good enough for an 'okay' paint job.
Still needs paint, however.
c) Car WAS fairly solid till about a year ago

Bad points:
Interior is beat. Nothing worth saving here.
No stereo
Oil pan cracked (well, leaking somehow)
Exhuast system leaking between cylinder head and catalytic converter.
Needs a hood (unless you like that freshly 'sat-on' look)
Trim around the headlight is broken (missing 1" section)
Drivers side window regulator broken
Power door locks don't work
Drivers-side "Team Doorhandle"

Asking price is $1000 (ha!) but I KNOW you can get it for $500.

My plan was to buy the above Coupe GT, and strip the interior, suspension and
exhaust system from it.

I was then going to purchase a second Coupe GT from Burl Vibert (Lister,
Kingston ON). That has been sitting for quite some time.  Useful bits on this
car include a spare engine (unknown shape...was good a year ago). Full delrin
bushings in Front suspension (pretty much the reason I was going to buy it) and
many saveable body parts...Including the hood, and window regulators (if I
remember correctly). I figure I'd also need to take the exhaust manifold and
downpipe off this car. The interior on this car is also beat. Tranny is cooked
(no reverse).

Basically, I was going to combine two cars, a paint job and a performance
exhaust system and build me up a Solo II car.

Alas...I have no storage now.

Well, I do...but one spot has the rally-car-in-progress...and the other spot
has my '75 Bug.

If anyone is interested in the me off list.

I have NO affiliation with these cars...but I'm not going to post contact info
on the list without their permission...if someone is serious, I'll pass it on.

Neither cars are being parted out.  Both are "bring a trailer" and leave with
the entire beast.


89 90q  300km+ Rally Conversion in High Gear...
(sometimes it helps to hit trees??)

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