Clicking in Engine

Jeremy and Eve McNeil jmcneil at
Thu Jul 18 08:22:12 EDT 2002

Well, last night I took out the rod from the vacuum pump, but the
clicking was still present.  Today I'll see if it is the noisy lifters or
cracks in the EM.  It's only been 2500 miles since my last oil change,
but the oil used in that change wasn't as thick as Dave suggested.


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> I have the same symptom in my 87 5ktq.  The vacuum pump was replaced
> just a
> month ago, the noise was there b4 and is there now.  Could it be a
> crack in
> the EM gasket or the EM itself ?  Or anything else ?
> Chander
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> Thanks, everybody, for your help.  I'll try your suggestions tonight
> after
> work, beginning, I think, with removal of the vacuum pump rod.
> Jeremy McNeil
> '87 4kcsq

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