FW: 1990 Fuel Injector Sizing and maximum duty cycle

Lewis, Gary M gary.m.lewis2 at boeing.com
Thu Jul 18 10:34:37 EDT 2002

Hi Audifans,
For my upcoming water-injection installation I need the CIS fuel injector
size (in cc's please) and maximum duty cycle to properly size the water
injection nozzle.

I will gladly share results after installation (or ideas before)...

Gary Lewis
1990 200TQW, 1991 TQ Intercooler, 1.8 bar, Bypass Valve, Euro's, Bilsteins,
Redline in tranny and diffs

Planned upgrades: RS2 Turbo (Next Week), H20 Injection (Aug 02), Keyless
Entry (Aug 02) 2.0 Bar Upgrade (Sept 02), 034 EFI (as soon as Javad makes it
034 EFI for Dummies)

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