10v 90q calipers on a 20v & history of warping

Chris Semple chris at force5auto.com
Fri Jul 19 10:38:31 EDT 2002

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> > Why downgrade the system it came with? If it's a cost
> issue, I'll swap you
> >  for the rotors on my 90q20v, rather than see you fit
> smaller brakes.
> Chris-

> Thanks for your offer. I've been investigating this
> posibility, and the 20v
> and 10v 90s take the same rotor, 256 x 22 mm. The only
> difference is that the
> offset is different for the 20v. The offset, to my knowledge,
> is how far the rotor is from the wheel, no?

More correctly, the difference between the face of the rotor and the hub
flange section. If you lay both out on the table, flat, you'll see one is
"higher" than the other. This dimension also ties into caliper mounting
position, which is why that swap won't work. Your caliper wouldn't be
centered over the 10v rotor.

> Wouldn't this mean that the brakes are equal in terms of
> braking power and
> that a switch to 10 calipers wouldn't hurt? Or does it mean
> that a switch to
> 10v calipers wouldn't be possible without changing the
> hubs/struts as well?

You'd need to swap hubs/brg carriers. They're 2pc struts, so the strut tuabe
can stay where it is.

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