Subject: RE: Please advise on A/C conversion

Christopher Ritchie critchie1 at
Sat Jul 20 16:46:05 EDT 2002

>That was going to be my next question. Yes, the power for the
>pusher fan is=3D
>tapped off the 12v+ supply for the clutch. It is properly fused
>(in-line f=3D
>use added). I grounded it directly to the body of the car,
>actually an exis=3D
>ting screw in the radiator frame. Could I be robbing too much
>power from th=3D
>e clutch to allow if to fully clamp? Should I try pulling the
>fuse to keep =3D
>the pusher fan from coming on to see if it gets better versus
>worse? Though=3D

Don't know the answer to your electrical question of the 2 things on the 1
circuit.  But it is a basic one that somebody can answer definitively.

I thought I read someplace that "pusher" fans can interfere with "puller"
fans.  That is, use one or the other.  The use of both will result in a loss
of efectiveness.  Try disconnecting one and see what happens.  The test is
certainly easy and cheap enough.

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