Stinkin' Turbo (Small K26 20vCQ)

Pedro Rodriguez pedro.w.rodriguez at
Sat Jul 20 14:49:27 EDT 2002


My 20vCQ turbo stinks.  Yap, when I accelerate moderately or hard, I get a
burning or rotted-like smell.  I have driven the car about 1,000 miles so
far.  It drives great, but I am not getting the full 1.5 Bar of boost that I
should get.  I am getting anywhere from .7 to 1.0.  I think that the smell
might be fuel related as I am not getting a full compliment of boost.  I
will be installing an air fuel mixture gauge very soon.

I am using a GReddy gauge that has a little restrictor in the boost line to
avoid any erratic reading on the gauge - I am not sure if due to this
restrictor I am getting off readings on the gauge.

The car has an RS2 manifold with a small K26.  The exhaust is a stebro 2.7"
diameter with a high-flow catalytic converter.  No other modifications at
this time.

I will be checking this out thouroghly, following Scott M's guidelines for
low boost problems, but if any of you have had a similar problem, and found
a culprit, or have other suggestions, please let me know.


stinkin' 90 CQ20vt

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