'84 UrQ on ebay

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The only thing I can think of is that something clicked with the seller;
maybe someone he'd met before.  At least three or four of us didn't end up
bidding against each other...

I could have sold either one my urq's for more than Dean paid me for the
'85, but I let him steal it because it just seemed that he should get the
car.  He wasn't going to track it and he was going to make it perfect, or as
close to it as he could.  I miss the car and I wish I hadn't sold it, but it
was worth a bit to sell it to the "right" person.  Kinda like these puppies
I've got now.  Someone could slap the full $750 going rate on the table and
get thumbs down from me or the wife and kids...and the pup stays here for a
little longer.  Hey, maybe q-people would make good Llewellyn owner/parents!
Anyone just have to have a Llewellyn Setter pup?  For one of us, a definite
discount if you pass family muster.  Pics on request.


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> Can anyone explain to me why anyone would ever end an auction early?
> The price is not set until everyone is "all in and all done" so what is
> advantage from ending the auction early. Maybe if you get a non-auction
> offer with cash in hand, but even then I do not totally see the rationale
> for not waiting another several hours to see how much you can get.
> Especially on Ebay, where often the price takes off towards the end of the
> auction.
> Just curious.
> I was a little ticked that the auction was over when I went to place my
> after having freed funds for the purchase (read "talked my wife into it").
> Eric Kissell

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