'84 UrQ on ebay

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I agree with you.

First, there are previous and current auction of the same car with way more
money in it.

Second, if there is an offer above the reserve price, this is binding, so the
bidder can not back off.

The only things that comes to my mind are.

1. The seller isn't very bright.

2. Someone threatened the health of the seller's legs, i.e., he needs the
money now!!!  Although this one is less likely, since there were few hours,
and several prospect buyers contacting him/her.

3. There are some surprises when the car gets to the new owner's home.

I do hope for the good of the new UR-Q owner that we have a number 1 here.



ps. I bought a car on Ebay before, the guy messed up with the title, the pics
were intentionally taken to hide some blemishes, and some of the details he
gave me didn't match, and when my friend went there to pick the car up, it not
only had a dead battery, but $150 of parking pending. Everything turned out OK
at the end, but with a lot of work and pressure over the seller.

>From: Eric_R_Kissell at email.whirlpool.com
>To: "quattro list"
>Subject: Re: '84 UrQ on ebay
>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 13:02:25 -0400
>Can anyone explain to me why anyone would ever end an auction early?
>The price is not set until everyone is "all in and all done" so what is the
>advantage from ending the auction early. Maybe if you get a non-auction
>offer with cash in hand, but even then I do not totally see the rationale
>for not waiting another several hours to see how much you can get.
>Especially on Ebay, where often the price takes off towards the end of the
>Just curious.
>I was a little ticked that the auction was over when I went to place my bid
>after having freed funds for the purchase (read "talked my wife into it").
>Eric Kissell

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