alt or compressor whine?

Bernard Littau bernardl at
Mon Jul 22 16:33:05 EDT 2002

Hi Keith,

Yes, I've had mine whine but not leak.  I think I made the belt too tight,
so the seal was fine, but the bearing was making noise.

I posted a few days ago about using a 3 foot dowel (3/8" or so) as a sound
localizing device.  I used this technique when my water pump went bad.  Use
the dowel on the alt, ps, a/c and wp, and listen for who is making the noise
in the most pronounced manner.  Put the dowel on the item, then move your
ear to the dowel -- keep the dowel pointing away from your ear and head :-)
Be careful!


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

> Waterpump is certainly a possibility but I've seen no signs of weeping,
> would this be expected?
> Keith L
> > Waterpump?

> > > Hi folks, vehicle in question is a '90 200tqw, recently purchased
> > > after
> > > warping the head on my '89 200tqw (don't ask).  Anyhow, the new-to-me
> > > '90 has an odd whine at idle, seems to go away once driving.

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