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Hi All,

I was under the impression that
GROSS HP was at the flywheel on an engine dyno with no accessories, limited
exhaust, advanced timing. Basically best case scenario for developing power
out of the car.

NET HP was at the flywheel on an engine dyno with all accessories, full
exhaust, advanced timing. A more realistic scenario for measuring engine
power out of the car.

ROAD HP or HP AT THE WHEELS is measured at the wheels with a chassis dyno
(rolling road).

99 road HP on a 1.8T is surprising. I was under the impression that they had
very efficient drivelines, at least in FWD form, and actually got 125-130HP
to the ground. I remember reading this in (pick one) GRM, European Car,
Sport Compact Car, C & D, or R & T. Maybe the magazine was given a ringer to
test. Wouldn't be the first time!

Brady Moffatt
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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> Hi gang,
> Since we have a discussion on horsepower today, I was wondering where
> manufacturers are specifying the rating.  Is it at the crankshaft or at
> wheel?  If its at the crankshaft are the manufacturers measuring the
> on a test stand?
> For reference, some of you may recall that I ran my urq on the 4 wheel
> at ATP a while ago and recorded a max of 152.2 HP at the wheel.  In
> contrast, a stock A4 1.8T rated 150HP, measures only 99 at the wheel.  On
> the other hand a modified S4 (2.7 V6 bi-turbo) measured 295 HP at the
> Regards,
> -Tony
> urq #900302

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