Waterfest 2002 Photos

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Well, the guys name on AW is stiffybamboo and his e-mail address is stiffybamboo at hotmail.com. A pic of his work can be seen at http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/31795/audi_4000s_bk1.2.jpg but that's about all the info I have.  think he was going to charge ~$500 for the hood in FG.


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> There is a guy over of AW who is making B4 style hoods for Type 85s out of fiberglass or CF depending on how much you care to spend. I saw a pic of the product about a years ago, I sure couldn't tell it wasn't from the factory. Frankly I had been considering one for my Coupe GT, bust still can't decide between the B4 style hood or a SportQuattro hood...

cool!  I like it....

website?  pricing?

I've got the SGI hood and I'll probably stick with that because the
venting is probably a good thing for my 4ktq.  The manifold side of
these 10vt I5s get super hot and need all the cooling they can get.


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