'84 5k headliner retrofit??

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> I'm finally getting down to the cosmetic items (and they are legion!) on my
> recently purchased '86 5ktq. Question: I recall that the headliner is a
> royal pain on type 44s because of the way it is glued to the roof panel.
> Recent salvage yard adventures have turned up at least two '84 5ks which
> have the molded headliner which never sags. This piece is admittedly not as
> expensive-looking as the rest of the 5ktq interior (near-mint tan leather
> in my case)- but it is much better than the sagging, water-damaged liner in
> my car. Is this molded headliner as difficult to remove as the later fabric
> version? I'm thinking it would be a great upgrade at the $10 it would cost
> at the pull-your-part- but only if it can reasonably be pulled!

i pulled the vinyl headliner out of a junkyard '84 5k w/ sunroof a few years
ago and its not hard..just open sunroof (manually w/ allen key thingy) and
peel off where its glued around the sunroof perimeter and then lay the front
seats down  and remove the rear headrests and pop off all the pillar trims
and it takes some contortioning but you can get it out in one piece thru the
front pass door...make sure you get the sunroof piece and the rear pillar
trims too.  i saved it as a spare and its in the loft of my barn .. my 86 5kt
headliner is still good for now, tho by the time i need it the damn rats will
probably have eaten the 84 headliner LOL

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